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2016 Iowa Youth Championships
Fort Dodge

Final Results

All-Events, Div. 1 Boys, Handicapped    
PlaceTeam nameScoreFrom 
1Lanning, Zach2,141De Witt USBC Youth - Maq.$100 Scholarship/Plaque
2Brauckman, Matthew2,135Greene County USBCPlaque
3Otto, Kyle2,089Clinton USBC YouthPlaque
4Mitchell, Colton2,082Gr Mason City USBCPlaque
5Sullwold, Andrew2,067Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
6Hermsen, Andrew2,051Independence USBC Youth 
7Sammons, Clayton2,049Mt Pleasant USBC 
8Wurth, Jared2,015Remsen USBC 
9Sutton, Zack1,999Iowa State USBC A@L 
10Holman, Hunter1,984Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
11Graves, Austin1,973Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
12Mason, Tanner1,967Iowa State USBC A@L 
13Sullwold, Jonathan1,962Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
14Clark, John1,952Iowa State USBC A@L 
15Paterson, Justin1,946Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
16Shriver, Chris1,943Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
17Young, Cameron1,931Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
18Roberts, Payton1,923Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
18Hanson, Seth1,923Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
20Howard, Cody1,922Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
21Ehlers, Devin1,911De Witt USBC Youth 
22Hyde, Connor1,910Clinton USBC Youth 
23Kintzle, Aaron1,909Estherville USBC 
24Cook, Jake1,899Keokuk USBC Youth 
25Wolfe, Spencer1,888Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
26Roth, Corey1,885Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
27Belcher, Nick1,884Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
28Loock, Bennett1,879Estherville USBC 
29Buttz, Brandon1,875Keokuk USBC Youth 
30Cawiezell, Noah1,863Gr Davenport USBC Youth 
30Green, Nick1,863Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
32Moser, Joshua1,855Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
33Kummerfeldt, TJ1,846Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
34Andresen, Isaac1,839De Witt USBC Youth 
34Dippel, Dakota1,839Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
36Rhea, Ethan1,831Keokuk USBC Youth 
37Iverson, Trevor1,830Estherville USBC 
38Miller, Brayden1,826Fairfield USBC 
39Russell, Mackenzie1,810Spencer USBC 
40VandeVoort, Alec1,800De Witt USBC Youth 
41Hartley, Joseph1,799Ottumwa USBC Youth 
42Knudson, Logan1,794Estherville USBC 
43Haas, Terrel1,792Dubuqueland USBC Youth 
44Hiers, Brett1,782Council Bluffs USBC 
45Budde, Austin1,772Gr Davenport USBC Youth 
46Bianchi, Zach1,771Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
47Gregory, Ryan1,768Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
48Maschke, Kyle1,761Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
49Sammons, Cameron1,753Mt Pleasant USBC 
50Swan, Eric1,749Fairfield USBC 
51Follett, Tyler1,744Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
52Cooley, Aidan1,741Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
53Clark, Dylan1,737Ottumwa USBC Youth 
54Goodwin, George (Bert)1,703Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
55Wilson, Blaine (Hoss)1,677Dubuqueland USBC Youth 
56Dawson, Jeremiah1,593Shenandoah USBC 
 56 total entries/plaques to first 4 places   
All-Events, Div. 2 Boys, Handicapped    
PlaceTeam nameScoreFrom 
1Mitchell, Myles2,339Marshall County USBC Youth$100 scholarship/Plaque
2Halleran, Tanner2,249Sigourney USBCPlaque
3Schuster, Jacob2,193Council Bluffs USBCPlaque
4Bucklew, Garrhett2,136Greene County USBCPlaque
5Jorgensen, Jarrod2,110Gr Siouxland USBCPlaque
6Henderson, Drew2,089Gr Davenport USBC YouthPlaque
7Arment, Josh2,084Marshall County USBC YouthPlaque
8Campbell, Spencer2,083Independence USBC YouthPlaque
9Nickey, Andrew2,071Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
10Chavarria, Andrew2,068Council Bluffs USBC 
11Holman, Anthony2,064Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
12Draves, Marcus2,061Muscatine USBC 
13Ollendieck, Casey2,056Cresco USBC Youth 
14Graves, Zachary2,055Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
15Miller, Cameron2,054Remsen USBC 
16Chizek, Kamrin2,051Marshall County USBC Youth 
16Carpenter, Casey2,051Muscatine USBC 
18Trentz, Alex2,043De Witt USBC Youth 
19Schiltz, AJ2,034Council Bluffs USBC 
20Boleyn, Jordan2,028Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
21German, Austin2,020Gr Siouxland USBC 
22Staver, Bryce2,017Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
23Vanfleet, Brandon2,015Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
24Joblinske, Connor2,013Independence USBC Youth 
24Dammeier, Kameron2,013De Witt USBC Youth 
26Lincoln, Timmy2,009Council Bluffs USBC 
27Gothier, Michael2,007Ottumwa USBC Youth 
28Melcher, Drew2,006Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
29Rupe, Jacob1,991Ottumwa USBC Youth 
30Wassom, Hunter1,990Spencer USBC 
31Odegard, Sean1,986Gr Davenport USBC Youth 
32Baker, Matt1,982De Witt USBC Youth 
33Wedel, Gabe1,977Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
34Proffitt, Logan1,972Marshall County USBC Youth 
35Carpenter, Ricky1,970Muscatine USBC 
36Leinen, Mitchell1,969Iowa State USBC A@L 
37Shoafstall, Spencer1,965Gr Mason City USBC 
38Moore, Gabe1,954Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
39Keiper, Johnathon1,948Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
40Graves, Ethan1,947Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
41West, Jarrett1,942Keokuk USBC Youth 
42McCarty, Keagan1,934Iowa State USBC A@L 
43Rissi, Connor1,933Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
44Nicol, Payton1,931Camanche USBC Youth 
45Carr, Trevor1,929Gr Mason City USBC 
46Shover, James1,927Dubuqueland USBC Youth 
47Gregory, Brandon1,924Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
48Lyons, Caleb1,920Dubuqueland USBC Youth 
49Schmidt, Braden1,913Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
50Bradley, Colton1,911Ottumwa USBC Youth 
51Mills, Matthew1,901Ames Area USBC 
52Kubli, Christopher1,899Oskaloosa USBC 
53Lewis, Drake1,897Ottumwa USBC Youth 
54Weber, Dalton1,896Camanche USBC Youth 
55McDermott, Nick1,895Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
56Van Fleet, Korey1,890Keokuk USBC Youth 
57Goetz, Patrick1,887Keokuk USBC Youth 
58Marsden, Logan1,885Dubuqueland USBC Youth 
59Probasco, Derrik1,883Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
60Shannon, Hunter1,882Independence USBC Youth 
61Stowell, Derrick1,881Iowa State USBC A@L 
62Ferneau, Demitri1,879Marshall County USBC Youth 
63Fleming, Aaron1,875Marshall County USBC Youth 
64Morgan, Tannis1,869Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
65Hoffmann, Timmy1,868Gr Mason City USBC 
66Branson, Tanner1,866Keokuk USBC Youth 
66Sterbenz, Caleb1,866Camanche USBC Youth 
66Brown, Dalton1,866Independence USBC Youth 
69Tiegs, Jordan1,865Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
69Kempers, Jacob1,865Gr Siouxland USBC 
71Williams, Brady1,864Iowa State USBC A@L 
72Swailes, Jacob1,861Mt Pleasant USBC 
73McCrum, Kyle1,859Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
74Corcoran, Tristan1,858Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
75Roulson, Brian1,850Iowa State USBC A@L 
76Shanno, Samuel1,847Council Bluffs USBC 
77Ross, Alex1,840Iowa State USBC A@L 
78Ruckman, Kyle1,837Fairfield USBC 
79Borst, Cameron1,836Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
80Weih, Colin1,831Gr Davenport USBC Youth 
81Hitt, Jesse1,829Iowa State USBC A@L 
82Mierley, Jordan1,828Clinton USBC Youth 
83Ross, Jacob1,826Iowa State USBC A@L 
83Brown, Trever1,826Independence USBC Youth 
83Graf, Jonathan1,826Ottumwa USBC Youth 
86Buehner, Michael1,825Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
87Whitely, Christopher1,821Council Bluffs USBC 
88Bucy, Brock1,818Clarke & Decatur USBC 
89Cutsforth, Thomas1,814Ottumwa USBC Youth 
90Smith, Giuseppi1,811Fairfield USBC 
91Branson, Trenton1,810Keokuk USBC Youth 
92Thompson, Kyle1,809Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
93Carroll, Tristin1,803Ames Area USBC 
93Stoner, Chris1,803Iowa City USBC Youth 
95Richmond, JP1,800Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
96Tibbott, Ian1,799Dubuqueland USBC Youth 
97Bushore, Christian1,798Ames Area USBC 
97Vanderbilt, Justin (JT)1,798De Witt USBC Youth 
99Hron, Ben1,797Cresco USBC Youth 
100Kramer, Logan1,791Keokuk USBC Youth 
101Madsen, Marcus1,788Muscatine USBC 
102Greene, Dawson1,784Ottumwa USBC Youth 
102Marple, Hunter1,784Clarke & Decatur USBC 
104Hand, Connor1,783Burlington Area USBC BA 
105Smith, Isaac1,780Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
105Collins, Jacob1,780Council Bluffs USBC 
107Crooks, Jacob (Jake) R1,778Mt Pleasant USBC 
108Short, Kolby1,776Independence USBC Youth 
109Runyon, Preston1,765Iowa State USBC A@L 
109Schirmer, Michael1,765Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
111Rimmer, Anthony1,764Ottumwa USBC Youth 
112Shafer, Cory1,756Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
113Richmond, Garraty1,755Ottumwa USBC Youth 
114Peterson-Schroeder, Taylor1,750Greene County USBC 
115Thomas, Jeff1,745De Witt USBC Youth 
116Stickler, Logan1,712Iowa State USBC A@L 
117Alexander, Connor1,700Iowa State USBC A@L 
118Johnson, Caleb1,697Iowa State USBC A@L 
119Pelland, Josh1,690Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
120Eddy, Ryan1,676Ottumwa USBC Youth 
121Smith, Samuel1,663Iowa State USBC A@L 
122Siegel, Colin1,650De Witt USBC Youth 
123Morelock, Devin1,614Shenandoah USBC 
124Watson, Trevor1,581Cresco USBC Youth 
125Bellinger, Terryk1,437Oskaloosa USBC 
 125 total entries/plaques to first 8 places   
All-Events, Div. 3 Boys, Handicapped    
PlaceTeam nameScoreFrom 
1Fox, Kyle2,204De Witt USBC Youth$100 scholarship/Plaque
2Kelley, Tristin2,201Dubuqueland USBC YouthPlaque
3Thurman, Mitchell2,185Greene County USBCPlaque
4Peyton, Ryan2,176Independence USBC YouthPlaque
5Melcher, Ben2,125Gr Cedar Valley USBCPlaque
6Chapman, Conner2,119Muscatine USBCPlaque
7Carriere, Nathan2,117Ames Area USBCPlaque
8Staab, Drew2,108Remsen USBCPlaque
9Kleppe, Keegan2,097Gr Cedar Valley USBCPlaque
10Mumm, Devin2,096De Witt USBC YouthPlaque
10Schlumbohm, Ben2,096Gr Siouxland USBCPlaque
12Kluver, Lucus2,094Manning USBC 
13VanZanten, Colton2,090Iowa State USBC A@L 
14Morrissey, Shane2,083Fairfield USBC 
15Graves, Justin2,079Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
15Keahna, Seth2,079Marshall County USBC Youth 
17Ray, Jayden2,077Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
18Evenson, Jozef2,068Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
19Heuton, Noah2,067Greene County USBC 
20Bieri, Keaten2,066Muscatine USBC 
21McFarland, Clayton2,065Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
22McCreary, Liam2,064Spencer USBC 
23LeRette, Devin2,062Muscatine USBC 
24Ridgley, Colby2,056De Witt USBC Youth 
25Crees, Preston2,051Estherville USBC 
25Barnett, Alex2,051Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
27Lockhart, Hunter2,050Camanche USBC Youth 
28Kelley, Tanner2,049Dubuqueland USBC Youth 
28Riley, Carter2,049Muscatine USBC 
30Liles, Matthew2,043Ottumwa USBC Youth 
31Schnieders, Alex2,042Dubuqueland USBC Youth 
32Bruess, Jaden2,041Cresco USBC Youth 
33Koop, Keaton2,033Iowa State USBC A@L 
34Conis, Daniel2,032Ames Area USBC 
35Elias, Tibbott2,027Dubuqueland USBC Youth 
36Preston, Tre2,022Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
37Beach, Ethen2,021Gladbrook USBC 
38Hooker, Jonathon2,019Muscatine USBC 
39Timmerman, Alec2,018Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
40Songer, Braydon2,016Ottumwa USBC Youth 
41Gavin, Colin2,015Iowa State USBC A@L 
42Woods, TJ2,010Clarke & Decatur USBC 
42Fox, Keagan2,010Clinton USBC Youth 
42Licht, Ethan2,010Iowa City USBC Youth 
45Callan, Mitchell2,009Dubuqueland USBC Youth 
46Sydow, Zach2,005Gr Siouxland USBC 
46Haack, Deagan2,005Gladbrook USBC 
48Staley, Brandon2,004Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
49Garrett, Richard1,998Ottumwa USBC Youth 
50Clubb, Skyler1,996Sigourney USBC 
51Arnold, Landan1,994Keokuk USBC Youth 
52Fishel, Brayden1,992Fairfield USBC 
53McFarland, Garrett1,990Clarke & Decatur USBC 
54Graf, Tyler1,988Ottumwa USBC Youth 
54Grelk, Blake1,988Burlington Area USBC BA 
56Jorgensen, Jeremy1,987Gr Siouxland USBC 
57Long, Stryker1,983Iowa State USBC A@L 
58Rubink, Damion1,977Council Bluffs USBC 
59Williams, Trevor1,975Greene County USBC 
59Payton, Gage1,975Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
61Holmes, James1,972De Witt USBC Youth 
62Soden, Mason1,967Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
63Parton, Brandon1,965Mt Pleasant USBC 
64Altman-Abrams, Monterius1,954Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
65Levinson, Brad1,951Burlington Area USBC BA 
65Samuel, Noah1,951Burlington Area USBC BA 
67Smith, Kale1,947Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
68Stevens, Parker1,944Sigourney USBC 
69Clark, Tanner1,943Belle Plaine USBC Youth 
70Akers, Michael1,941Ottumwa USBC Youth 
71Van Nevel, Brandon1,939Belle Plaine USBC Youth 
72Gull, Wyatt1,938Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
72Hunt, Ryan1,938Marshall County USBC Youth 
74Van Weelden, Christian1,933Iowa State USBC A@L 
75Munhofen, Lewis1,929Gr Siouxland USBC 
76Valderrabano, Malachi1,928Ames Area USBC 
77Rodriguez, Austin1,927Greene County USBC 
78Kline, Carter1,924Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
78Reeve, Shaun1,924Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
78Vance, John, Jr1,924Camanche USBC Youth 
78Tillie, Traven1,924Muscatine USBC 
82Clausen, Trenton1,922Iowa State USBC A@L 
83Chavarria, Joshua1,921Council Bluffs USBC 
84DeJong, Matthew1,916Iowa State USBC A@L 
85Reicks, Nathan1,912Cresco USBC Youth 
86Mills, Levi1,907Mt Pleasant USBC 
87Binns, Donovan1,899Iowa State USBC A@L 
88Lee, Jeremy1,897Mt Pleasant USBC 
89Bertell, Matt1,895Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
90Davis, Zach1,892Oskaloosa USBC 
91Templeton, Zach1,890Iowa City USBC Youth 
92Hubler, Blaise1,886Iowa State USBC A@L 
93Morris, Clay1,885Ottumwa USBC Youth 
94Morris, Nathan1,882Sigourney USBC 
95Carroll, Connor1,881Ames Area USBC 
96Morlan, Dale1,880Greene County USBC 
96Kempers, Jace1,880Gr Siouxland USBC 
98Petersen, Braydn1,878Spencer USBC 
99Robertson, Zachery1,877Muscatine USBC 
100Edwards, Dustin1,875Burlington Area USBC BA 
101Athay, Cody1,874Council Bluffs USBC 
102Wedebrand, Evan1,872Estherville USBC 
102Shemanski, Ben1,872Sigourney USBC 
104Schlumbohm, Brady1,866Gr Siouxland USBC 
105Fountain, Logan1,864Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
106Schuster, Max1,858Council Bluffs USBC 
107Bramble, Tyson1,851Iowa State USBC A@L 
108Stanley, Ryan1,844Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
109Smith, Austin1,843Camanche USBC Youth 
110Suhr, Bradley1,837Belle Plaine USBC Youth 
111Werkmeister, Tanner1,831Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
112Follett, Bryce1,828Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
113Graves, Brady1,826Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
114Keahna, Sage1,824Marshall County USBC Youth 
115Hatcher, Shawn1,823Council Bluffs USBC 
116Baker, Nolan1,821Camanche USBC Youth 
117Stubbs, JR1,818Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
118Henry, Beau1,817Iowa State USBC A@L 
119Piper, Jon1,810Council Bluffs USBC 
120Beach, Owen1,804Gladbrook USBC 
121Kelly, Hunter1,797Iowa State USBC A@L 
122Brinker, Owen1,794Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
123Page, Payten1,789Clarke & Decatur USBC 
124Hoffa, Jonathan1,786Iowa State USBC A@L 
125Magnuson, Brandon1,776Council Bluffs USBC 
126Dodson, Joseph1,770Keokuk USBC Youth 
127Spangler, Chase1,767Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
128Johnson, Sutton1,759Sanborn USBC 
129Lycke, Chase1,757Ames Area USBC 
130Werning, Carson1,756Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
131Terrell, Skye1,749Clarke & Decatur USBC 
132Wilbanks, Trevor1,737Ottumwa USBC Youth 
132Heilman, Mathew1,737Spencer USBC 
134Miller, Cole1,736De Witt USBC Youth 
135Will, Mason1,731Ames Area USBC 
136Wolfe, Corbin1,728Council Bluffs USBC 
137Potter, Stephen1,724Ottumwa USBC Youth 
138Reidel, Kyler1,716Iowa State USBC A@L 
139Jones, Ethan1,701Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
140Gloden, Hunter1,697Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
141Walker, Lane1,693De Witt USBC Youth 
142Goos, Spencer1,677Gladbrook USBC 
143Bianchi, Jacob1,673Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
144Wager, Slade1,658Gladbrook USBC 
145Branson, Joe1,643Iowa State USBC A@L 
146Mcmanus, Mason1,625Camanche USBC Youth 
 146 total entries/Plaques to first 10 places   
All-Events, Div. 4 Boys, Handicapped    
PlaceTeam nameScoreFrom 
1Mohr, Tyler2,279Greene County USBC$100 scholarship/Plaque
2Malaney, Mikey2,171Gr Des Moines USBC YouthPlaque
3Huffman, Holden2,168Sigourney USBCPlaque
4Witt, Zane2,123Camanche USBC YouthPlaque
5Bingaman, Brian2,121Ames Area USBCPlaque
6Pickett, Xander2,106Marshall County USBC YouthPlaque
7McCoy, Eric2,097Council Bluffs USBCPlaque
8McFadden, Dakota2,096Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
9Hartman, Jacob2,095Camanche USBC Youth 
10Stevens, Bryce2,090Greene County USBC 
11Brandt, Koy2,088Greenfield USBC Youth 
12Moore, Gavin2,061Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
13Johnson, Kolton2,048Ames Area USBC 
14Gwin, Alex2,045Gr Siouxland USBC 
15Elgersma, Brody2,034Sanborn USBC 
15Patterson, Brady2,034Council Bluffs USBC 
15Staley, Levi2,034Muscatine USBC 
18Huffman, Nick2,032Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
19Chouest, Rema2,031Muscatine USBC 
20Eggman, Gage2,028Clarke & Decatur USBC 
21Binns, Troy2,022Iowa State USBC A@L 
22Swanson, Donavon2,011Gr Siouxland USBC 
23Brown, Hunter2,001Mt Pleasant USBC 
24Uker, Joey1,996Gr Mason City USBC 
25Steines, Seth1,992Camanche USBC Youth 
26Helgevold, Brian1,991Council Bluffs USBC 
26Vanderbilt, Will1,991De Witt USBC Youth 
28Bainbridge, Leland1,989Oskaloosa USBC 
29Duffy, Logan1,986Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
30Caskey, Marshall1,981Ames Area USBC 
31Luke, Gabe1,975Sigourney USBC 
32Wilson, Brodi1,974Independence USBC Youth 
33Beck, Brady1,972Eagle Grove YABA 
33Bauer, Cody1,972Greene County USBC 
33Marshall, Chris1,972Iowa State USBC A@L 
36Eggers, Trey1,970Gladbrook USBC 
37Phillips, Tyler1,968Council Bluffs USBC 
38Hiles, Garrett1,964Council Bluffs USBC 
38McCrory, Gavin1,964Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
40Glick, Tyler1,957Ottumwa USBC Youth 
41Weeks, Carson1,955Spencer USBC 
42Menicucci, Johnny1,954Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
43Houts, Colin1,953Gr Siouxland USBC 
44Boggess, Grayson1,942Ames Area USBC 
45Geiger, Isaac1,939Camanche USBC Youth 
45Sutliff, Taylor1,939Gr Siouxland USBC 
47Winkie, Andy1,935Belle Plaine USBC Youth 
47Steinhoff, Mark1,935Mt Pleasant USBC 
49Glick, Dylan1,933Ottumwa USBC Youth 
49Fox, Austin1,933Sigourney USBC 
51Poock, Dillon1,930Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
52Willkomm, Jake1,929Gr Davenport USBC Youth 
53Ballard, Chance1,919Burlington Area USBC BA 
54Lott, Caleb1,910Burlington Area USBC BA 
55Vander Woude, Jesse1,908Gr Siouxland USBC 
55Andrews, Skylar1,908Burlington Area USBC BA 
57Steele, CJ1,906Ames Area USBC 
58Moore, Zach1,902Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
59Hatcher, Sam1,898Council Bluffs USBC 
60Fortney, Ryan1,896Cresco USBC Youth 
61McBride, Kyan1,889Gladbrook USBC 
62Gordon, Zac1,880Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
63Renard, Deven1,870Iowa State USBC A@L 
64Poole, Jayton1,867Ames Area USBC 
65Skinner, Bobby1,864Ottumwa USBC Youth 
66Berryhill, Michael1,856Clarke & Decatur USBC 
67Alderson, Brock1,854Sigourney USBC 
68Krebs, Tony1,850Gr Davenport USBC Youth 
69Holmes, Kyle1,831De Witt USBC Youth 
70Peterson, Reese1,830Estherville USBC 
71Featherston, Jonathan1,826Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
72Gonzalez, Dallas1,824Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
73Rukgaber, Jason1,820Ottumwa USBC Youth 
74Stevens, Sage1,818Ottumwa USBC Youth 
75Puls, Brandon1,815Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
76Castle, Travis1,812Gr Siouxland USBC 
77Pope, Marcus (MJ)1,810Belle Plaine USBC Youth 
77Sutliff, Kyle1,810Gr Siouxland USBC 
79Bass, Colton1,799Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
80Bush, Isaiah1,796Muscatine USBC 
81VandeVoort, Aaron1,789De Witt USBC Youth 
82Halder, Parker1,772Spencer USBC 
82Bell, Kendall1,772Council Bluffs USBC 
84Mastbergen, Jack1,770Sanborn USBC 
85Yates, Lucas1,758Ottumwa USBC Youth 
86Rose, Zach1,740Gr Siouxland USBC 
87Dietze, Daniel1,737Iowa City USBC Youth 
88Dobson, Dalton1,735Ames Area USBC 
89Kline, Cale1,727Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
90Moses, Tristan1,726Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
91Ryan, Dakota1,721Gr Siouxland USBC 
92Walker, Blake1,715Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
93Oliphant, Drake1,705Independence USBC Youth 
94Kalick, Marc1,684Council Bluffs USBC 
95Snodgrass, James1,680Council Bluffs USBC 
96Skiff, Aiden1,674Clinton USBC Youth 
97Etherton, Caden1,670Greene County USBC 
98Koester, Ryan1,641Gladbrook USBC 
99Ori, Damien1,632Council Bluffs USBC 
100White, Evan1,562Council Bluffs USBC 
101Knudson, Kamden1,358Estherville USBC 
 101 total entries/Plaques to first 7 places   
All-Events, Div. 5 Boys, Handicapped    
PlaceTeam nameScoreFrom 
1Sereg, Gavin2,157Sigourney USBC$100 scholarship/Plaque
2Patterson, Austin2,099Council Bluffs USBCPlaque
3Bieri, Jackson2,092Muscatine USBCPlaque
4Cook, Colby2,090Gr Des Moines USBC YouthPlaque
5Puffett, Keaton2,043Greene County USBCPlaque
6Fecher, Carter2,030Greenfield USBC YouthPlaque
7Patel, Dhruv2,029Ames Area USBC 
8Witkowski, Charles, Jr2,024Sigourney USBC 
9Peterson, Dakota2,022Burlington Area USBC BA 
10Cross, Teegan2,003Independence USBC Youth 
11Ahlers, Joe1,996Sanborn USBC 
12Dimick, Colton1,991Gr Siouxland USBC 
13McManus, Keaton1,990Camanche USBC Youth 
14Failor, Carter1,984Iowa City USBC Youth 
15Bousch, Macoy1,982Iowa State USBC A@L 
16Lee, Ryan1,979Council Bluffs USBC 
17Heisterkamp, Edrik1,977Greene County USBC 
18Sutton, Mason1,975Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
19Mitchell, Reggie1,973Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
20Endres, Kolten1,970Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
21Hoxsey, Patrick1,969Gr Davenport USBC Youth 
22Garner, Ross1,967Council Bluffs USBC 
23Edwards, Rylan1,964De Witt USBC Youth 
24Kirschbaum, Angelo1,960Spencer USBC 
24Kline, Caden1,960Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
26Melcher, Jake1,957Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
26Armstrong, Dalton1,957Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
28Sutton, Beau1,953Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
29Koester, Owen1,952Gladbrook USBC 
30Naughton, Lucas1,935De Witt USBC Youth 
31Cook, Carter1,930Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
32Tudor, Matthew1,925Independence USBC Youth 
33Ames, Kayden1,924Keokuk USBC Youth 
34Timmerman, Derek1,922Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
35Novak, Andrew1,908Gr Mason City USBC 
36Als, Gavin1,905Gr Mason City USBC 
37Andrew, Trevor1,898Clarke & Decatur USBC 
38Payne, Alec1,896Burlington Area USBC BA 
39Gute, Jaxon1,895Ames Area USBC 
39Jordan, Quantaze1,895Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
41Rickers, Andrew1,890Greene County USBC 
41Gonzalez, Ethan1,890Independence USBC Youth 
43Clay, Landon1,887Gr Siouxland USBC 
44Valderrabano, Izalya1,884Ames Area USBC 
45Mohrhauser, Chace1,880Gr Siouxland USBC 
46Moore, Alex1,877Spencer USBC 
47Prior, Joe1,871Iowa City USBC Youth 
48Morgan, Jeremiah1,869Clarke & Decatur USBC 
49Kirschbaum, Owen1,866Spencer USBC 
50Greiner, Landyn1,861Sigourney USBC 
51Baker, Gage1,857Camanche USBC Youth 
52Neighbors, Thomas1,850Council Bluffs USBC 
53Olmstead, Denver1,847Spencer USBC 
54Collins, Andrew1,845Gr Mason City USBC 
55Faust, Scott1,837Independence USBC Youth 
56Martsching, Alec1,835Ottumwa USBC Youth 
57Solberg, Michael1,834Gr Mason City USBC 
58Banta, Calex1,823Sanborn USBC 
59Thompson, Zachary1,821Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
60Preston, Tayzon1,818Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
61Loyd, Camden1,815Iowa State USBC A@L 
62Cipale, Seth1,814Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
63Houts, Kirk1,812Gr Siouxland USBC 
64Davis, Ian1,809Belle Plaine USBC Youth 
65Davis, Chris1,807Ottumwa USBC Youth 
66Lawson, Pray1,806Keokuk USBC Youth 
66Hauswirth, Riley1,806Gr Siouxland USBC 
68Swain, Michael1,798Iowa State USBC A@L 
69Gibson, Xander1,797De Witt USBC Youth 
70Rekenthaler, Noah1,794Camanche USBC Youth 
71Cipale, Ashton1,790Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
72Dammeier, Kaden1,786De Witt USBC Youth 
73Murty, Ross1,785Gladbrook USBC 
74Maas, Daltin1,783Ottumwa USBC Youth 
74Danielsen, Timothy1,783Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
76Ensley, Nick1,782Spencer USBC 
77Turk, Nick1,781Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
78Wiederin, Austin1,777Manning USBC 
79Housberg, Hunter1,771Clarke & Decatur USBC 
80Jensen, Samuel1,769Spencer USBC 
81Hyde, Tristan1,768Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
82Hansen, Treveon1,758Council Bluffs USBC 
83Drain, Isaiah1,754Burlington Area USBC BA 
83Mackay, Landon1,754Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
85Rubink, Aidin1,747Council Bluffs USBC 
86Frohn, Matthew1,728Cresco USBC Youth 
87Riffel, Ryan1,723De Witt USBC Youth 
88Hagele, Shawn1,722Gladbrook USBC 
89Menicucci, Nick1,718Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
90Wedekind, Tyson1,714Muscatine USBC 
91Casteel, Joseph1,691Muscatine USBC 
92Blommers, Brady1,690Oskaloosa USBC 
 92 total entries/Plaques to first 6 places   
All-Events, Div. 6 Boys, Handicapped    
PlaceTeam nameScoreFrom 
1Rowe, Ryan2,111Fort Dodge USBC$100 scholarship/Plaque
2Steen, Rush2,105Gr Cedar Valley USBCPlaque
3Bauer, Randy2,035Greene County USBCPlaque
4Richardson, Walker2,016Iowa City USBC YouthPlaque
5Niichel, Dawson1,991Sanborn USBC 
6Mastbergen, Eli1,990Sanborn USBC 
7Gossman, Easton1,982Cresco USBC Youth 
8Grieder, Evan1,981Belle Plaine USBC Youth 
9Faust, Nathan1,961Independence USBC Youth 
10Zieser, Nolan1,958Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
11Henning, Brydon1,956Iowa City USBC Youth 
11Collins, Kelton1,956De Witt USBC Youth 
13Peterson, Taidyn1,950Greene County USBC 
14Thompson, Matthew1,947Ottumwa USBC Youth 
15Zieser, Jalen1,946Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
16Clark, Max1,936Iowa State USBC A@L 
17Johnson, Tanner1,933Spencer USBC 
18Wilson, Cameron1,928Independence USBC Youth 
19Preston-Grady, Jayon1,916Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
20Krueger, Ty1,909Sigourney USBC 
21Richardson, Garrett1,908Iowa City USBC Youth 
21Woods, Kobe1,908Clarke & Decatur USBC 
23McKee, Carter1,903Iowa City USBC Youth 
24Taylor, Landon1,899Spencer USBC 
25Spencer, Kaveion1,897Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
26Dreesman, Braydon1,894Gladbrook USBC 
27Halbur, Shiloh1,892Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
28Halder, Jordan1,888Spencer USBC 
29Barton, Will1,887Ames Area USBC 
30Gibson, Dresden1,876De Witt USBC Youth 
31Holzer, Caleb1,874Cresco USBC Youth 
32Davis, Thomas1,866Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
32McCreary, Declan1,866Spencer USBC 
34Skoda, Aidan1,857Cresco USBC Youth 
35Skoda, Awnan1,850Cresco USBC Youth 
36Rheinschmidt, Joseph1,845Burlington Area USBC BA 
37Morelock, Drew1,836Shenandoah USBC 
38Coleman, Sam1,828Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
39Siegert, Jesse1,824Council Bluffs USBC 
40Donlan, Finn1,816Cresco USBC Youth 
40Alsman, Ryan1,816Council Bluffs USBC 
42Clark, James1,806Iowa State USBC A@L 
43Reidel, Kasyn1,798Iowa State USBC A@L 
44Schatz, Nolan1,788Cresco USBC Youth 
45Martinez, Blake1,764Iowa State USBC A@L 
46Burg, Colton1,762Spencer USBC 
47Martinez, Jaxson1,757Iowa State USBC A@L 
48Donlan, Dashel1,744Cresco USBC Youth 
49Waite, Mikey1,743Shenandoah USBC 
49Reinhart, Joseph1,743Cresco USBC Youth 
51Franks, Alexzander1,731Council Bluffs USBC 
52Bigler, Landon1,726Cresco USBC Youth 
53Edwards, Brock1,714Iowa State USBC A@L 
54Wilson, Andrew1,704Iowa State USBC A@L 
55Greiner, Aidan1,686Sigourney USBC 
 55 total entries/Plaques to first 4 places   
All-Events, Div. 1 Girls, Handicapped    
PlaceTeam nameScoreFrom 
1Bomgaars, Brooke1,975Gr Siouxland USBC$100 scholarship/Plaque
2Salow, Andrea1,929Dubuqueland USBC Youth 
3Keil, Brooke1,914Camanche USBC Youth 
4Payne, Emily1,898Muscatine USBC 
5Sears, Sydney1,866Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
6Carey, Ragan1,844Muscatine USBC 
7Foster, Chantelle1,820Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
8Stanley, Elizabeth1,774Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
9Singleton, Madison1,768Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
10Lumley, Maggie1,764Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
 10 total entries/plaque to first place   
All-Events, Div. 2 Girls, Handicapped    
PlaceTeam nameScoreFrom 
1Bowers, Shannon2,338Gr Des Moines USBC Youth$100 scholarship/Plaque
2Klein, Jaelynn2,164Muscatine USBC 
3Routhe, Kaitlyn2,130Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
4Olsen, Bayleigh2,108Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
5Meade, Samantha Jo2,099Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
6Frost, Leah2,053Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
7Brandau, Casey2,038Gr Mason City USBC 
8Dunlap, Heather2,032Keokuk USBC Youth 
9Williams, Abigail2,030Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
10Hemann, Christina2,024Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
11Wolfe, Morgan2,021Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
12Gates, Marissa2,001Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
13Kramer, Sydney1,986Keokuk USBC Youth 
14McCreary, Stacie1,960Spencer USBC 
15Howard, Faith1,957Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
16Bishop, Shadyn1,956Muscatine USBC 
17Evans, Gabi1,953Muscatine USBC 
18Moore, Rachel1,945Keokuk USBC Youth 
19Anderson, Carrie1,936Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
20Walker, Bailey1,933De Witt USBC Youth 
21Trent, Sara1,928Fairfield USBC 
22Bushore, Alex1,925Ames Area USBC 
23Dakin, Myla1,920Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
24Tetmeyer, Isabel1,911Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
25Wiedemeier, Alyssa1,907Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
26Weigandt, Veronica1,905De Witt USBC Youth 
27Milota, Jamie1,903Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
28Butler, Kourtney1,899Council Bluffs USBC 
29Helgevold, LeeAnn1,890Clarke & Decatur USBC 
30Kummerfeldt, Rebecca1,889Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
31Moore, Kaitlyn1,888Keokuk USBC Youth 
32Patrick, Megan1,884Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
33Blevins, Tamara1,881Gr Siouxland USBC 
34Keiper, Sabrina1,878Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
35Lane, Danielle1,871Gr Siouxland USBC 
36Nowels, Shaely1,863Council Bluffs USBC 
37Martin, Madisyn1,857Muscatine USBC 
38Boom, Cassidy1,856Iowa State USBC A@L 
39Reeves, Sydney1,853Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
40Vinton, Chelsea1,846Oskaloosa USBC 
41Roth, Erica1,828Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
42Seamans, Zoe1,827Ottumwa USBC Youth 
43Schleis, Mackenzie1,819Remsen USBC 
44Anderson, Hayley1,813Muscatine USBC 
45Beckner, Beverly1,804Gr Siouxland USBC 
46Haag, Tristan1,802Spencer USBC 
47Morrissey, Shannon1,791Fairfield USBC 
48Keiper, Samantha1,786Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
49Brinker, Myah1,785Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
50Wisecup, Kala1,781Ames Area USBC 
51Fangman, Kayley1,772Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
52Wichman, Cailynn1,738Council Bluffs USBC 
53Cubbage, Katie1,688Belle Plaine USBC Youth 
54Howard, Lindsey1,687Ottumwa USBC Youth 
54Heimbaugh, Rachel1,687Clinton USBC Youth 
56Marlay, Kylee1,680Fairfield USBC 
57Walker, Kaelyn1,664Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
 57 total entries/Plaques to first 4 places   
All-Events, Div. 3 Girls, Handicapped    
PlaceTeam nameScoreFrom 
1Wilson, Clair2,113Muscatine USBC$100 scholarship/Plaque
2Tomlinson, Dakota2,095Gr Siouxland USBCPlaque
3Ferdig, Cerisa2,093Gr Siouxland USBCPlaque
4Clayton, Emma2,090Greene County USBCPlaque
5Black, Alexis2,051Ames Area USBCPlaque
6Stephens, Jordan2,020Ames Area USBCPlaque
7Rickers, Amber2,011Greene County USBC 
7Mathes, Taylor2,011Iowa State USBC A@L 
9Garrett, Mindy2,010Ottumwa USBC Youth 
9Messenger, Jordyan2,010Keokuk USBC Youth 
11Gibson, Raelynn2,009De Witt USBC Youth 
12Campbell, Riley2,006Independence USBC Youth 
13Johnson, Baylee2,005Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
14Wilson, Sydney2,004Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
15Haag, Trey1,995Sanborn USBC 
16Bushore, Allysan1,993Ames Area USBC 
17Messer, Lisa1,985Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
18Haller, Abbie1,968Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
18Hade, Lauren1,968Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
20Lessenger, Jersey1,967Muscatine USBC 
21Morgan, Soleil1,966Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
21Zarazinski, Tabitha1,966Gr Davenport USBC Youth 
23Andrews, Kaytlyn1,952Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
24Portwood, Bailey1,951Iowa State USBC A@L 
25Zaugg, Tanya1,949Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
26Dodson, Lyndie1,934Keokuk USBC Youth 
27Edwards, Jena1,928De Witt USBC Youth 
28Schirmer, Alexis1,927Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
29Romo, Aleann1,920Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
30McCormick, Hailee1,919Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
31Marlay, Taylor1,914Fairfield USBC 
32Gilbert, Kira1,903Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
33Parkins, Kaylee1,900Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
33Pickett, ShayeLyn1,900Marshall County USBC Youth 
35Martsching, Makayla1,890Ottumwa USBC Youth 
36Krause, Brittni1,881Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
36Denning, Taylor1,881Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
36Bodman, Lauren1,881Muscatine USBC 
36Rose, Chanile1,881Gr Siouxland USBC 
40Eltze, Sam1,876Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
41Kisling, Maddie1,871Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
42Schnieders, Kristin1,870Dubuqueland USBC Youth 
43Strabala, Kalei1,864Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
43Swan, Madelyn1,864Fairfield USBC 
45Vance, Kayla1,859Camanche USBC Youth 
45Herrera, Ilda1,859Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
47Reetz, Megan1,855Iowa State USBC A@L 
48Frahm, Anna1,854Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
49Rutter, Emily1,853Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
50Wulf, Crystal1,847Ames Area USBC 
50Pulliam, Madelyn1,847Iowa State USBC A@L 
52Kimble, Hailey1,845Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
53Snapp, Ashlee1,844Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
54Miller, Brittney1,843Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
54Moorman, Melanie1,843Gr Davenport USBC Youth 
56Andrews, Vicki1,842Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
57Villalobos, Tyra1,832Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
58White, Enias1,820Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
59Adamson, Caytlyn1,818Greene County USBC 
59Alden, Marion1,818Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
61Overturf, Tacie1,817Ames Area USBC 
61Moyer, Amanda1,817Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
63Turnquist, Denyse1,815De Witt USBC Youth 
64Prior, Morgan1,811Iowa City USBC Youth 
65Frahm, Paige1,808Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
66Adamson, Cassidy1,807Greene County USBC 
67Edler, Alysha1,806Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
68Determan, Madison1,805Camanche USBC Youth 
69Erb, Darby1,800Spencer USBC 
70Lacy, Tayler1,796Gr Mason City USBC 
71Niedert, Lorna1,774Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
71Messer, Kaytlyn1,774Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
71Mastbergen, Gracie1,774Sanborn USBC 
74Hackbarth, Mackenzie1,766Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
75Vaux, Catie1,763Ottumwa USBC Youth 
76Stewart, Koury1,758Council Bluffs USBC 
77Cagle, Ashley1,757Spencer USBC 
78Brown, Sammie1,753Independence USBC Youth 
78Magnuson, Samantha1,753Council Bluffs USBC 
80Hall, Emilee1,752Camanche USBC Youth 
81Reinhart, Kayla1,740Cresco USBC Youth 
82Bramble, Jennalee1,735Iowa State USBC A@L 
83Pate, Ryan1,707Fairfield USBC 
84Pilcher, Olivia1,700Sigourney USBC 
85Sanck, Leah1,697Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
86Dobson, Averie1,692Ames Area USBC 
87Grubham, Olivia1,690Keokuk USBC Youth 
88Plymale, Skyler1,684Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
89Smith, Kaitlin1,635Council Bluffs USBC 
90Burken, Tatumn1,599Clinton USBC Youth 
 90 total entries/Plaques to first 6 places   
All-Events, Div. 4 Girls, Handicapped    
PlaceTeam nameScoreFrom 
1Thompson, Alyssa2,199Gr Des Moines USBC Youth$100 scholarship/Plaque
2Moser, Liz2,177Cedar Rapids USBC YouthPlaque
3Helms, Sydney2,135Cedar Rapids USBC YouthPlaque
4Bowers, Alexa2,113Gr Des Moines USBC YouthPlaque
5Arbogast, Sarah2,094Council Bluffs USBCPlaque
6Kenney, Alexis2,070Fort Dodge USBC YouthPlaque
7Hemann, Alexis2,041Fort Dodge USBC YouthPlaque
7Ross, Dryden2,041Greene County USBCPlaque
9Puffett, Kylie2,040Greene County USBC 
10Ritchey, Nicole2,035Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
11Schubich, Gabbriel2,008Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
12Baker, Brieanna2,003Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
13Kalick, Stephanie2,000Council Bluffs USBC 
14Wilbanks, Taisha1,982Ottumwa USBC Youth 
15Shemanski, Grace1,981Sigourney USBC 
16Duckworth, Alyssa1,976Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
16Richardson, Brittany1,976Greene County USBC 
18Novinski, Tori1,975Gr Davenport USBC Youth 
19Longobardi, Haley1,968Greenfield USBC Youth 
20Garrett, Lynsey1,967Ottumwa USBC Youth 
21Graves, Alicia1,962Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
22Probasco, Chelsie1,958Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
23Schnell, Ayrial1,951Spencer USBC 
24Paulson, Ali1,948Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
25Grummon, Kayla1,946Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
26Dodson, Khylie1,945Keokuk USBC Youth 
27Tifft, Dayanna1,944Spencer USBC 
28Oden, Aleesha1,942Council Bluffs USBC 
29Fecher, Kendall1,941Greenfield USBC Youth 
30Nichols, Katelee1,940Burlington Area USBC BA 
30Hummell, Kelsey1,940Mt Pleasant USBC 
32Christensen, Abby1,937Greenfield USBC Youth 
33Sund, Madyson1,931Iowa State USBC A@L 
34Moore, Lexis1,929Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
35Ross, Ramsey1,928Greene County USBC 
36Clubb, Autumn1,926Sigourney USBC 
37Cook, Megan1,923Keokuk USBC Youth 
38Copenhaver, Paige1,922Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
39Birkenholtz, Charly1,919Iowa State USBC A@L 
40Reicks, Kelsie1,916Greene County USBC 
41Mastbergen, Darby1,914Sanborn USBC 
41Sonier, Samantha1,914Gr Siouxland USBC 
43Meyer, Trinity1,913Council Bluffs USBC 
44Martindale, Emily1,899Burlington Area USBC BA 
45Welch, Liberty1,898Ottumwa USBC Youth 
46Weigandt, Alyssa1,897De Witt USBC Youth 
46Clayton, Elaina1,897Greene County USBC 
48Thompson, Madison1,895Ames Area USBC 
49Doland, Emily1,893Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
50Foster, Emily1,892Eagle Grove YABA 
51Schnell, Karlee1,888Spencer USBC 
52Erb, Mallorie1,886Spencer USBC 
53Helgevold, Landi1,884Clarke & Decatur USBC 
54Weigandt, Stephanie1,878De Witt USBC Youth 
55Lacy, Morgan1,875Gr Mason City USBC 
56Munhofen, Alexa1,873Gr Siouxland USBC 
57Holliday, Jennifer1,868Greenfield USBC Youth 
57Ollendieck, Kaylee1,868Cresco USBC Youth 
59Johnson, Kerrigan1,860Gr Davenport USBC Youth 
60Stern, Kaitlyn1,853Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
61Hotz, Kelsey1,846Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
62Wurzer, Hailey1,845Iowa State USBC A@L 
63Matthews, Aly1,844Greene County USBC 
64VanRoekel, Amanda1,841Iowa State USBC A@L 
65Magnuson, Tabatha1,840Council Bluffs USBC 
66Throckmorton, Layne1,838Ottumwa USBC Youth 
67Mastbergen, Elle1,836Sanborn USBC 
67Cooper, Jade1,836Clarke & Decatur USBC 
69Stewart, Michelle1,831Camanche USBC Youth 
70Kelly, Mackenzie1,827Camanche USBC Youth 
71Ollendieck, Madison1,811Cresco USBC Youth 
72Carney, Layla1,805Clarke & Decatur USBC 
73Haines, McKinna1,792Ottumwa USBC Youth 
74Poock, Makayla1,790Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
75Kashinskie, Celine1,788Ames Area USBC 
76Ahlf, Katie1,784Gr Siouxland USBC 
77Grady, Abby1,783Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
78Pickrell, Sydney1,778Sigourney USBC 
79Ludwig, Camryn1,776Ames Area USBC 
80Clay, Cameron1,775Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
81Burken, Mackenna1,774Clinton USBC Youth 
81Van Fleet, Katlyn1,774Keokuk USBC Youth 
83Snapp, Bailee1,768Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
84Guyer, Emily1,761Iowa State USBC A@L 
85Mackey, Hailee1,756Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
86Scott, Molly1,750Ames Area USBC 
87Wilson, Jocelyn1,749Ames Area USBC 
88Grelk, Kelsey1,744Burlington Area USBC BA 
89Gifford, Eva1,742Camanche USBC Youth 
90Weber, Zoey1,738Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
90Edmondson, Genna1,738Keokuk USBC Youth 
92Cline, Jessica1,734Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
93Hanson, Alexis1,731Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
94Shockley, Alexis1,730Gr Siouxland USBC 
95Alderson, Hannah1,726Sigourney USBC 
96Stein, Kelsey1,716Eagle Grove YABA 
97Farrell, Madison1,715Council Bluffs USBC 
98Cieslak, Lily1,695Iowa State USBC A@L 
99Edmundson, Katelynn1,383Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
100Carver, Olivia1,045Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
 100 total entries/Plaques to first 7 places   
All-Events, Div. 5 Girls, Handicapped    
PlaceTeam nameScoreFrom 
1Prior, Rileigh2,176Iowa City USBC-Montezuma$100 Scholarship/Plaque
2Messenger, Jadyan2,142Keokuk USBC YouthPlaque
3Francis, Jessica2,048West Union AALPlaque
4Svenby, Claire2,028Sigourney USBCPlaque
5Holliday, Jorja2,020Greenfield USBC YouthPlaque
6Krause, Brooklynn1,984Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
7Rule, Sophia1,981Keokuk USBC Youth 
7Ray, Jaelynn1,981Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
9Black, Samantha1,980Ames Area USBC 
10Graf, Mackenzie1,965Ottumwa USBC Youth 
11Bramble, Molly1,964Muscatine USBC 
12Lumsden, Aryssa1,961Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
13Grady, Ally1,960Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
13Evans, Genna1,960Muscatine USBC 
15Good, Mackenzie1,956Independence USBC Youth 
16Brooks, Abigail1,955Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
17Renard, Brigette1,948Iowa State USBC A@L 
18Hyde, Kadence1,946Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
19Ruopp, Kira1,942Ames Area USBC 
20Welch, Brooklyn1,940Ottumwa USBC Youth 
20Rickers, Allison1,940Greene County USBC 
22Hanson, Ashlynn1,935Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
23Mackay, Alexis1,929Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
23Valentine, Katelin1,929Ottumwa USBC Youth 
25Ingle, Payton1,925Ottumwa USBC Youth 
26Wiederin, Morgan1,921Manning USBC 
26Cline, Emily1,921Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
28Zwer, Brooklynn1,904Ottumwa USBC Youth 
29Nichols, Malloree1,901Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
29Luke, Cora1,901Sigourney USBC 
31McConaughy, Ainslee1,896Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
32Sharpe, MacKenzie1,890Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
33Wernimont, Lexi1,889Greene County USBC 
34Schillinger, Rileigh1,879Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
35Olson, Marissa1,877Eagle Grove YABA 
36Burg, Savannah1,872Spencer USBC 
37Crooks, Jordan1,867Mt Pleasant USBC 
37Kusel, Joni1,867Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
39Hook, Makaila1,861Gr Mason City USBC 
40Weber, Annika1,854Camanche USBC Youth 
41Johnson, Jaelyn1,852Keokuk USBC Youth 
42Warner, Abby1,850Greene County USBC 
43Wiederin, Nicole1,849Manning USBC 
43Hookom, Chevelle1,849Independence USBC Youth 
43Brown, Sophie1,849Independence USBC Youth 
46Rule, Olivia1,841Keokuk USBC Youth 
47Messenger, Jayse1,837Keokuk USBC Youth 
48Herrera, McKayla1,836Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
48Pickrell, Adria1,836Greenfield USBC Youth 
50Snelson, Elizabeth1,834Keokuk USBC Youth 
51Smith, Brooke1,824Gr Davenport USBC Youth 
52Thomas, Ashtyn1,823Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
53Nordstrom, Liberty1,821Gr Siouxland USBC 
54Gerleman, Jalyn1,818Mt Pleasant USBC 
55Pierce, Chloe1,815Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
56Smith, Paige1,804Gr Davenport USBC Youth 
56Tiedeman, Kaila1,804Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
58Andrews, Morgan1,802Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
59Toppert, Katie1,794De Witt USBC Youth 
60Langfitt, Emma1,792Camanche USBC Youth 
61Martsching, Emma1,791Ottumwa USBC Youth 
61Kempers, Jada1,791Gr Siouxland USBC 
63Walton, Emma1,777Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
64Lewis, Amanda1,775Council Bluffs USBC 
65Bruce, Ahnyah1,772Keokuk USBC Youth 
66Gessert, Jayden1,764Iowa State USBC A@L 
67Cox, Justine1,746Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
68Tomlinson, Jersey1,722Gr Siouxland USBC 
69Als, Ella1,557Gr Mason City USBC 
 69 total entries/Plaques to first 5 places   
All-Events, Div. 6 Girls, Handicapped    
PlaceTeam nameScoreFrom 
1Wisniewski, Hannah2,154Clarke & Decatur USBC$100 scholarship/Plaque
2Webb, Hannah2,144Clarke & Decatur USBCPlaque
3Bachman, Aubrey2,141Ottumwa USBC YouthPlaque
4Thompson, Sidney2,062Sigourney USBCPlaque
5Ford, Alexandria2,044Council Bluffs USBC 
6Sapp, Allison2,032Keokuk USBC Youth 
7Graves, Calli2,010Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
8Norby, Marissa2,001Gr Siouxland USBC 
9Ketterer, Jaelynn1,988Keokuk USBC Youth 
10Taylor, Ruthann1,970Spencer USBC 
11Young, Sophie1,968Sigourney USBC 
12George, Kasey1,967De Witt USBC Youth 
13Payne, Savannah1,959Burlington Area USBC BA 
14Alberts, Natalee1,957Keokuk USBC Youth 
15Wulf, Brenna1,952Camanche USBC Youth 
16Reeves, Addisen1,944Iowa State USBC A@L 
16Gonzalez, Emma1,944Independence USBC Youth 
18Dammeier, Makenzi1,943De Witt USBC Youth 
19Tucker, Deja1,942Gladbrook USBC 
20De Regnier, Hope1,937Sigourney USBC 
21Hookom, Bailie1,927Independence USBC Youth 
22Renshaw, Faith1,924Council Bluffs USBC 
23Malloy, Gabby1,921Keokuk USBC Youth 
24Bohr, Addison1,920Cresco USBC Youth 
25Cook, Olivia1,919Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
26Wentz, Addison1,916Gr Mason City USBC 
27Van Ryswyk, Trinity1,915Iowa State USBC A@L 
28Schirmer, Samantha1,912Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
29Bachman, Makenna1,911Ottumwa USBC Youth 
29Fortney, Lauren1,911Cresco USBC Youth 
31Casteel, Kayla1,907Muscatine USBC 
32Williams, Keely1,900Muscatine USBC 
33Greene, Madilyn1,894Ottumwa USBC Youth 
34Holmes, Emma1,888De Witt USBC Youth 
35Lumsden, Amyrra1,875Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
36Kuhn, Emma1,874Iowa State USBC A@L 
37Adcock, Makayla1,863Ottumwa USBC Youth 
38Davis, Emily1,858Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
39Connor, Addisyn1,852Iowa State USBC A@L 
40Shoafstall, McKenzie1,849Gr Mason City USBC 
41Starmer, Wren1,844Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
42Dekraai, Nora1,840Ottumwa USBC Youth 
43Blocker, Bryttany1,839Council Bluffs USBC 
43Taylor, Kamryn1,839Muscatine USBC 
45Prado, Megan1,832Ottumwa USBC Youth 
46Martinez, Evie1,817Iowa State USBC A@L 
47Tudor, Brooklyn1,802Independence USBC Youth 
48Sapp, Josie1,795Keokuk USBC Youth 
49Kirchhoff, Cadence1,788Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
50Bachman, Makayla1,786Ottumwa USBC Youth 
51George, Megan1,778De Witt USBC Youth 
52Nelson, Alyssa1,777Cresco USBC Youth 
53Sutton, Ava1,768Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
54Hubka, Danae1,758Cresco USBC Youth 
55Hoxsey, Susan1,749Gr Davenport USBC Youth 
56Connor, Amara1,731Iowa State USBC A@L 
57Denning, Jenna1,697Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
58Lewis, Jordan1,696Council Bluffs USBC 
59Ellis, Ardyn1,694Fort Dodge USBC Youth 
60Martinez, Jaylee1,684Iowa State USBC A@L 
61Rubink, Chalize1,680Council Bluffs USBC 
62Schatz, Alanna1,669Cresco USBC Youth 
 62 total entries/Plaques to first 4 places   
All-Events, Scratch Boys, Scratch    
PlaceTeam nameScoreFrom 
1Armstrong, Spencer2,049Estherville USBC$100 scholarship/Plaque
2Morse, Adam1,992Des Moines USBCPlaque
3Wiegand, Ray1,989Marshall County USBC YouthPlaque
4Freese, Brandon1,977Marshall County USBC YouthPlaque
5Wood, Patrick1,931Muscatine USBC 
6Beaham, Dustin1,870Muscatine USBC 
7Maurice, Eric1,855Council Bluffs USBC 
8Hausman, Nathan1,845Gr Davenport USBC Youth 
9Starmer, Jonah1,836Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
10Harris, Tyler1,833Muscatine USBC 
11Blocker, Jon1,830Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
12Loock, Seth1,826Estherville USBC 
13Meyer, Jace1,813Sanborn USBC 
13Wheaton, Jacob1,813Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
15Brame, Luke1,808De Witt USBC Youth 
16Schleininger, Tyler1,805Estherville USBC 
17Drustrup, Zachary1,793Council Bluffs USBC 
18Meinders, Seth1,789Ottumwa USBC Youth 
19Hemmingsen, Johnathan1,784Council Bluffs USBC 
20Warner, Drake1,762Greene County USBC 
21Carman, Noah1,759Council Bluffs USBC 
23Miller, Cameron1,752Iowa State USBC A@L 
24Jerome, Brandon1,740Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
24Abbott, Conner1,740Camanche USBC Youth 
26Rios, Kalen1,738Muscatine USBC 
27Heimbaugh, Nick1,737Clinton USBC Youth 
28Carder, Tyler1,736Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
29McConnell, Matt1,732Council Bluffs USBC 
30Renshaw, Paul, Jr1,722Council Bluffs USBC 
31Olson, Brandon1,720Muscatine USBC 
32Hicks, Drew1,710Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
33Kamrath, Jared1,705Gr Siouxland USBC 
34Stolts, John1,703Clinton USBC Youth 
35Hanson, Nick1,691Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
36Schnoor, Conner1,681De Witt USBC Youth 
37Bragg, Alex1,653Iowa State USBC A@L 
38McKeever, Jonathan1,646Estherville USBC 
39VanEst, Jonathan1,632Muscatine USBC 
40Brunson, Brady1,612Clinton USBC Youth 
40Diercks, R. Alex1,612Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
42Ruth, Jaden1,604Iowa State USBC A@L 
43Renshaw, Joshua1,586Council Bluffs USBC 
43Thomas, Richie, IV1,586Marshall County USBC Youth 
45Potter, Carson1,576Marshall County USBC Youth 
45Hystad, Matthew1,576Estherville USBC 
47Johnson, Mitchell1,560Council Bluffs USBC 
48Swatek-Briggs, Dalton1,556Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
49Ruth, Logan1,549Iowa State USBC A@L 
50Eddy, Dennis (Blake)1,548Gr Des Moines USBC Youth 
51Hoyt, Tyler1,547Shenandoah USBC 
52Ferris, Bryan1,532Muscatine USBC 
53Walker, Kordell1,507Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
54Wendt, Shane1,506Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
55Vandusen, Jaymn1,495Shenandoah USBC 
56Swatek-Briggs, Dylan1,452Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
57Miller, Reid1,437Iowa State USBC A@L 
57Dilts, Bailey1,437Council Bluffs USBC 
59Whitslar, Aaron1,356Shenandoah USBC 
60Lenihan, Zack1,215Council Bluffs USBC 
 60 total entries/Plaques to first 4 places   
All-Events, Scratch Girls, Scratch    
PlaceTeam nameScoreFrom 
1Harris, Chelsea1,938Muscatine USBC$100 scholarship/Plaque
2Morse, Whittney1,853Muscatine USBC 
3Blood, Rylee1,794Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
4Gorgas, Elizabeth1,762Muscatine USBC 
5Swank, Christin1,761Muscatine USBC 
6Petersen, Nicole1,721Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
7Jacobs, Josie1,668Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
8Smith, Jordan1,663Camanche USBC Youth 
9Sonier, Emma1,652Gr Siouxland USBC 
10Fangman, Abbey1,612Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
11Robe, Jayden1,565Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
12Pedersen, Lauren1,546Clinton USBC Youth 
13Barth, Emily1,541Gr Cedar Valley USBC 
14Diercks, Mekena1,533Cedar Rapids USBC Youth 
15Gluck, Allie1,361Shenandoah USBC 
 15 total entries/Plaque to 1st place