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Letters to advancers will be sent out December 23 with times to bowl.

** Denotes advancing to State finals at Totem Bowl, Marshalltown, January 9 & 10.

DivisionYouth NameAdult NameAssoc.Scores 
F/S BantamReinhart, JosephReinhart, RandyCresco1112**
F/S PrepBrinker, OwenBrinker, JohnCadillac - Wat.1412**
F/S JuniorShears, LaneShears, ShaneWaverly1553**
F/S JuniorChestnut, ColinChestnut, MatthewWaverly1470 
F/S JuniorCampbell, SpencerCampbell, BartIndependence1345 
F/S JuniorWright, AntoniaWright Jr, DaveManchester1326 
F/S JuniorCorcoran, TristanCampbell, ScottCadillac - Wat.1138 
F/S Maj. Sr.Shears, LoganShears, ShaneWaverly1518**
F/S Maj. Sr.Hermsen, AndrewHermsen, RonIndependence1019 
M/S BantamAnders, MasonAlbers, CherylWaverly1255**
M/S BantamHyde, TristanHyde, DianaCadillac - Wat.1137 
M/S JuniorCorcoran, TristanCorcoran, KimCadillac - Wat.1384**
M/S JuniorShort, KolbyShort, MelissaIndependence1262 
F/D BantamAtor, CarleyAtor, CoreyWaverly1224**
F/D PrepWeekley, IsabellaBrinker, GeraldCadillac - Wat.1474**
F/D PrepKarstens, KiyrahAlbers, ToddWaverly1366 
F/D PrepReidy, GraceReidy, BrianIndependence1307 
F/D JuniorBurge, StephanieBurge, DaleCadillac - Wat.1441**
F/D Maj. Sr.Gilbert, KaraGilbert, DamianCadillac - Wat.1417**
F/D Maj. Sr.Reinhart, KaylaReicks, AarinCresco1308 
M/D PrepBrown, SophiePeterson, AlishaIndependence1441**
M/D PrepHyde, KadenceHyde, DianaCadillac - Wat.1233 
M/D JuniorNiedert, LornaNiedert, MonicaIndependence1322**