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The letters to the State Finalists will be going out soon.

F/S BantamZachary PutneySamuel PutneyComet Bowl, CC1445**
F/S PrepDillan RossLarry RossComet Bowl, CC1463**
F/S JuniorSpencer ShoafstallTerrance ShoafstallMystic, MC1453**
F/S JuniorHunter BrockneyDavid BrockneyComet Bowl, CC1363 
F/S JuniorJackson HelgevoldKarl HelgevoldEagle Grove1272 
F/S Maj. Sr.Tyler BrockneyDavid BrockneyComet Bowl, CC1378**
F/S Maj. Sr.Harrison HelgevoldKarl HelgevoldEagle Grove1259 
M/S PrepChristopher TullJanet TullComet Bowl, CC1396**
M/S PrepJagger ThompsonGinny ThompsonForest City1347 
M/S JuniorHunter BrockneyNicole SchmidtComet Bowl, CC1443**
M/S JuniorJarred ThompsonGinny ThompsonForest City1291 
M/S Maj. Sr.Kaleb RossWendy RossComet Bowl, CC1468**
M/S Maj. Sr.Tyler BrockneyNicole SchmidtComet Bowl, CC1387 
F/D BantamMikayla AschenbrennerMike AschenbrennerForest City1301**
F/D PrepMarissa OlsonAnthony OlsonEagle Grove1308**
F/D JuniorEmily FosterRod FosterEagle Grove1581**
F/D JuniorMacy RossBrian RossComet Bowl, CC1327 
F/D Maj. Sr.Devan SolomonBernie SolomanComet Bowl, CC1390**
M/D PrepTori WarrenShannon WarrenForest City1384**
M/D PrepMcKenzie ShoafstallKarie ShoafstallMystic, MC1243 
M/D PrepSarah MitchellLaura MitchellComet Bowl, CC1235 
M/D JuniorShayne HoeftCarin BolieForest City1389**
M/D JuniorMichelle WrightDiane WrightComet Bowl, CC1308 
M/D Maj. Sr.Mija CottonSonja CottonComet Bowl, CC1440**
M/D Maj. Sr.Kristina OlsonAnna FosterEagle Grove1382